15 Excellent Construction Dissertation Topic Ideas

A construction dissertation is the project that may deal with numerous problems in construction, architecture, engineering, construction equipment, and many others. Choosing a topic for your dissertation, you shouldn`t be confined only to building of houses; it may also concern the construction of roads, malls, parks, bridges, and many other facilities. It would be interesting and instructive to consider new materials, methods and technologies, problems of safety, legislation, and management.

Certainly, after having been studying this field of science for several years, you have developed your attitude to some of the issues connected with it. Selecting a topic for the construction dissertation, you should take into account some pieces of advice that may be helpful.

  • Evaluate your knowledge and interest in the particular problem dealing with construction. Get acquainted with the literature on the subject to get ensured that the probable topic is original and you will not be accused of plagiarism.
  • Mind that you will need to carry out some research work to collect data for analysis and investigation of the problem. It`s quite naturally that you will need to visit a construction site, so consider the possibility for this. Think about people who could help you with tests and experiments in case they are needed.
  • Choose the topic that will be interesting for the reader and have practical value.

Here are some ideas for original dissertation topics:

  1. Comparative analysis of new decorative materials from the point of view of their durability and efficiency.
  2. Efficiency of waste heat recovery in the cement production industry.
  3. Review of the best practices in energy efficiency in construction industry.
  4. Applying 3-D printing technology in production of complex building forms.
  5. New smart materials and technologies in road building.
  6. Applying new “green” technologies in architecture, engineering and construction.
  7. Decision of certain social problems with “Tiny house” movement.
  8. Analysis of the link between recession in construction and under spending on IT by construction firms.
  9. Analysis of advantages and drawbacks of usage of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) on construction sites.
  10. The growing role of robotics in the process of construction, reconstruction and repairing.
  11. Detailed recording and updating of project information with Configuration Management software.
  12. Assessing new safety equipment and safety methods in construction.
  13. The history of lofts: from depression to their revival in conditions of modern cities.
  14. Assessment of new instruments and methods of controlling steel structures corrosion.
  15. New training methods of construction workers up-skilling for meeting the requirements of forthcoming construction technologies.

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