Vital Suggestions On How To Get A Free Dissertation Methodology Example

Writing a dissertation methodology can be a tricky task, especially for someone who has little or no experience doing so, as is often the case for graduate students working on their first dissertation project. The best way to know that you are doing it correctly is to work using an example which you can constantly check against your own. Coming upon a reliable example isn’t difficult; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Here are a few vital suggestions:

Check Academic Journals

You will find thousands of methodology examples in academic journals at your university library. Get some assistance from the reference librarian so that you know you are looking at the right journals. Ideally, you want to get examples that are closely related to your topic area. This way you will be familiar with different research styles and terminology.

Ask Your Advisor for a Copy

Academic advisors in each discipline are likely to archive years’ worth of dissertation examples from former students. Check with your advisor to see if he or she has a great copy for you to use as a guide. Since your advisor will be familiar with your research, they should be able to procure a copy that discusses some of the same subjects from your own work.

Check Online Graduate Communities

There are several graduate communities that flock towards chatrooms and forums where they will share experiences and generally give advice on how to earn a graduate degree with ease. Try joining one of these communities and post questions regarding your dissertation. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to offer assistance and even provide you with samples to work from.

Check Writing Style Guides

Each discipline will require you use a specific style guide when formatting and making citations. You should be clear which style guide you’re supposed to use for your project. If you’re not certain, be sure to ask your advisor. Look for samples throughout the book. Pay special attention to how methodologies are explained, their length, and where they appear in the dissertation.

Ask a Former Student for Assistance

Lastly, why not try asking a former student for some help. Most graduates are proud of the work they have completed and will keep several copies of their dissertations readily available. Ensure them that your intention is only to look towards their completed work as a guide, so that they won’t feel that you may be taking a short cut when it comes to completing your own project.


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