30 Dissertation Topics for Psychology: How to Impress Your Professor

Pursuing a course with the aim of becoming a psychologist simply means that you will engaged in exploring such areas as human perception, cognitive, intelligence, personality and human behaviour in your career. Psychology is indeed a wide academic discipline, which gives you many dissertation topics you can write on.

Below are 30 dissertation topics for psychology, topics that can go a long way in impressing your professors:

  1. The Limits of Modular View of the Brain: The Importance of Feedback in Information Processing
  2. Direct and Indirect Theories of Perception
  3. The relationship that exists Between Emotion, Anxiety Disorder and Impaired Social Cognition
  4. The Importance of Visual Processing in Identification of Objects: Pathways and Neutral Mechanisms
  5. MRI Studies as Reliable Indicator of Brain Function
  6. How Hierarchy Explains Information Flow and Parallel Distributed Processing
  7. The Role of Plasticity in Visual Cognitive Development
  8. Changes during Cognitive Development: a Type of Learning Mechanism or Different Learning Paradigms for Different Problems?
  9. The Extent to which Neural Development Mechanism Informs Early Cognition
  10. Influence of Culture on Conversational Understanding among Children
  11. Validity of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development in Light of Modern Findings in Cognitive Neuroscience
  12. Factors that Modulate Automatic Priming Effects in Relation to Social Behaviour: Assessing Duration and Magnitude
  13. How Automatic Effects Influence Priming on Complex Behaviour in Real-Life Situations
  14. Theory of Behavioural Game: How Different Players Learn from Each Other and How They Influence Others in Relation to Strategic Thinking
  15. Reason and Emotion in Moral Judgment through Social Intuitionist Model
  16. How Cognitive Neuroscience Informs Social Psychology
  17. An Investigation into Whether or not Reciprocal Altruism is Enough in Explaining Altruism in Different Social Situations
  18. Facial Symmetry and Secondary Sex Characteristics as Reliable Indicators of Choosing a Mate
  19. An Investigation on Whether or not Artificially-Induced Examples of Evolutionary Game Theory is a Valid Means of Assessing Human Behaviour in Real Situations
  20. How Human Cognitive Development Informs Evolution of Human Brain
  21. How Executive Function of the Frontal Cortex Makes Humans Unique
  22. Validity of DSM-IV as a Tool for Categorizing Abnormal Psychological Symptoms
  23. The Importance of Dysfunctional Amygdale and Ventromedial Preffrontal Cortex in Psychopathology
  24. A Investigation into Whether or not Schizophreania is a Multi-Dimensional Syndrome
  25. Effects of Cannabis on Working Memory
  26. An Investigation into how colour Influences Performance in Sports
  27. An Investigation into how colour Influences Emotion
  28. Influence of language on Perception and Thought: The Linguistic Relativity Debate
  29. A Systematic Review of Psychology in Religion
  30. The Effects of Indoor Plants on Employee Productivity

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