How To Write A Dissertation Summary Properly: Brief Manual

What is a dissertation summary?

A summary is that part of a paper that comes after introduction. This part gives out the synopsis of your whole paper in limited words. It is considered that the summary is the window of your main body of work. You are not permitted to introduce any new concept in this part; instead of that you may add some keywords from the main article in the summary.

5 tips to write a smart dissertation summary

  • Grab the attention of the reader from the first line
  • In order to create a successful dissertation summary, you must start the paragraph with a bang. A great way to start off the summary is- stating some research gaps in your chosen topic and how you are taking an attempt to fill it up. But do it in such way which makes it non-gimmicky.

  • Write it after penning down the final draft
  • Writing the summary after penning down the final draft of your paper is the ideal way. In this procedure, your paper will be in front of you and you can add or delete important parts here. According to many scholars, summary is the most important part that campaigns for an academic paper. Once you are done showing the results or accomplishments in the final paper, it would be easier to form the summary.

  • Use lucid language and keep it compact
  • Keeping the language lucid is an USP of any summary. In anyway, your summary should be within 300 words. So the onus is up to you to make it compact and easy-to-read. Any flowery language or difficult synonym/antonym is a strict no-no in this part of your paper.

  • Mention thesis statement, methodology and conclusion here
  • The rule of the thumb is- including the last line of thesis statement in the summary. Apart from that, you must mention in few lines the methodologies you have taken up in order to prove our claim; and why they are better than that of your predecessors. On the other hand, have a look into the conclusion part of the final draft and mention important points from it in the summary.

  • Don’t incorporate technical/new jargons here
  • Incorporating any technical jargon is a total downer in the summary part. Keep it in such a way even any layman can make out some ideas after going through the summary. On the other hand, don’t mention any new jargon or hint in the dissertation summary- that is not in the main body.


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