A List Of Good Dissertation Topics In Finance For University

Finance is a difficult subject that requires you to analyze different factors and make plenty of calculations. Obviously, writing a dissertation on finance is a challenging and interesting task. The first thing you should is to choose a topic for your paper. A good topic is the one that is useful and interesting for everyone. In this article you can see a list of topics that you may use for writing your dissertation on finance.

  1. Businesses that are worth of investing in them.
  2. Mostly people want to invest money in secure projects. There are no absolutely secure businesses, of course, but you may make a list of branches that might be very attractive for investors.

  3. Terms and conditions.
  4. You may discuss in your dissertation the significance of understanding terms and conditions when signing a contract with a bank. List undesired consequences.

  5. Pros and cons of using credit cards.
  6. More and more people use credit cards instead of cash nowadays. Explore and discuss advantages and disadvantages of credit cards in your paper.

  7. Personal budget.
  8. Do research and describe the best way of making and managing your personal budget. This topic may be extremely helpful for young people.

  9. The necessity of life insurance.
  10. Discuss in your dissertation whether it’s necessary to spend your finances on life insurance every year. Consider that many insurance companies have very strict rules when it comes to compensation.

  11. Loaning money from banks.
  12. Many people loan money to pay for their kids’ education or to buy something expensive. However, they often don’t realize how much they’ll have to pay back. Discuss this matter in your paper.

  13. Safety of banks.
  14. Many people keep their money in banks. However, even now many banks are vulnerable to hackers who can steal your funds. Do research on improving the effectiveness of banking system.

  15. International commerce.
  16. This topic allows you to investigate the nuances of international money making. Explore how to manage your finances if you have an international business.

  17. Nonprofit organizations.
  18. These organizations are unique as they follow different tax laws in comparison to the majority of businesses. Explore financial systems of nonprofit organizations and explain to your readers what their advantages are.

  19. Microfinancing.
  20. This topic allows you to investigate how microloans might help people who live in third-world countries. Discuss whether microloans are useful only for those who receive them or maybe there is a way for a loaner to benefit greatly from them.

You may take one of these topics and narrow it more to impress your professor.


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