A List Of Powerful Dissertation Topics On Design For College Students

If you are taking a design course, you are probably a very creative person already. You know how to combine fabric, colors and prints to create a piece of clothing that will make somebody happy. Your dissertation needs to be as complex as your designs and to integrate many different aspects. It can be difficult to choose, so we made for you a list of persuasive dissertation topics.

  • Using colors in design- Certain colors can influence our emotions. When used right, they can actually help us to get over a bad day or to improve our mood.
  • Natural VS Synthetic fabric- Each one of them has big advantages and disadvantages. Mention your preference.
  • The history of design- What were the first known designers and which one of their creations are still used.
  • Your favorite artist- Sure enough, each student has a favorite personality in the field. Mention why you like him and present some of his creations.
  • Timeless clothing- There are some pieces of clothing that are still fashionable even if they were created 50 years ago. Bags, scarves, dresses, pick a few of them and discuss about what makes them so unique.
  • Functional design- In many cases, you need to make sure that whatever you are creating, it does not only look good but it can also be used to its maximum potential.
  • Natural paint- Many clothing companies are now eco-friendly, and they chose to use natural, chemicals free pain that will not increase the pollution.
  • Recycling materials- Some of the materials that we recycle can be used for bags, shoes, decorative objects. It is not only a good business for the company, but it also keeps the environment safe.
  • Quality and looks- There are many pieces of clothing that are high-quality, but they do not look as good as the cheap, common wear. Which type do you prefer?
  • The evolution of high heels- Surprisingly, high heels were initially created for men to make them look taller and stronger. Nowadays, the image of a man wearing heels is not something very common or accepted.
  • Interior design- Our homes need as much attention as our clothes. What are the main trends used by the decorators in your country?
  • Cultural clothing- Each culture has its own type of traditional clothing. Many of them are at least to say fascinating. Present the ones you like.

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