Creating A Dissertation In The APA Style Of Formatting

Most of the academic institutions demand their research paper to be written in a particular format. APA style (American Psychological Association) of formatting is the most commonly observed among various styles of writing the research paper. It’s because it is considered as highly authenticated and meets the institutional guidelines and appropriate terminology of most of the institutions. Science, Psychology, Social Sciences and Education and Business Research are some of the subjects that most frequently use this format of writing.

Chief write up tips for the dissertation

  • The title page should include the title name, your name, name of the institutions.
  • Abstract page is followed by the title page.
  • All the listings should be included at the end on the page titled references.
  • Running head, title page and the author’s name should be included in the title page.
  • The above list is just for the reference and in case if a student wants to write his research paper in APA style, they should go in details further and consult relevant book to organize their paper further well.
  • Follow the Title page. Abstract is the summary of the paper. Basically, it should not be more than 150-250 words in length. However based on the requirements of various institutions, the word limit varies.
  • For essays, the main body is usually divided into minimal 5 paragraphs, however the lab reports; introduction, methods, results and discussion section are the important components.
  • The references include the list of all the resources used in the paper.
  • In in-text citations, the name of the author should be written along with the date of publication, for example (Freud, 1900)
  • Reference Page should start with a new page placed in the centre of the page on the top. The entries should be placed in alphabetical order. The initial line should be flushed on the left margin. The subsequent lines should be flushed using the tab key.
  • Titles of books, newspapers, journals and magazines should be written in Italics.
  • Before you start writing your APA dissertation, ensure keeping all the items in hand. Usually following information or reference resources should be made available before anyone starts writing his or her thesis.
    • The title of the book
    • Case study reports
    • Articles
    • Research papers
    • Reports
    • Name of the resources
    • Name of the author or the authoress
    • Date of publication, date of access, the date on which the articles were created.
    • Name of the organization, publishing company or the institution.
    • The page number or the chapter number used as a reference in dissertation.
    • The origin of the source used.

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