5 Tips to Help You Find a Competent Dissertation Writer

There may be many reasons why you want to ask for help: lack of time, resources, knowledge, desire, etc. Lots of companies and freelance writers specialize in creating custom dissertations. However, it`s not easy to find a competent dissertation writer. Our tips can help you find a competent writer to turn to:

  1. Check available options.
  2. When you find several candidates, try to gather as much information about them as you can. Track feedback: reviews, critiques, reports, mentions. It`s important to get a person, who`ll fit your academic needs. Look for their previous works: abstracts, papers, diploma works, and theses. Read them thoroughly, appraise, and compare with others. Search for similarities on the Internet. Write down all questions, requests and viewpoints you`d want to discuss later.

  3. Choose your writer.
  4. When a freelancer is chosen, prepare to talk about your work. Write down your instructions and submit them to the writer. The success of your thesis depends on this person and your cooperation. You should be able to get prompt and polite answers to all the questions you will have. Talk over guarantees that the thesis will be free of errors and plagiarism, meet source and format requirements. Don`t forget to mention your due dates, so the writer will meet the deadline. These are the conditions you need to remember, while choosing a writer for your custom dissertation.

  5. Ask questions.
  6. Decide whether you order a complete paper or a singular chapter. Should your dissertation include original, authentic research, utilize either primary and secondary research or secondary research only? Does the freelancer provide original content that isn`t and won`t be copied, reused or resold to another party? How will you communicate with this person? Is there a possibility to see every part of the writing process and make any changes as they need to be done?

  7. Talk over terms of payment.
  8. Different writers have different prices for their works. Analyze custom prices from each candidate and compare them. Consider that ordering a thesis beforehand may decrease the price. The more time a writer has, the less his or her service will cost. Free revisions should be included with the original price. Make sure that your writer has a money-back guarantee. Discuss terms and conditions of payment in advance.

  9. Do not hasten.
  10. Take your time. There are unlimited choices. Ask different companies and freelancers for help. Compare their services. Inspect their previous works and talk with them. Choose wisely.


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