Public Law Dissertation Ideas: 8 Topics That Are Worth Writing On

Public law is often a sensitive issue with many of the cases being decided having gray areas where the law is unclear. Here are eight dissertation topics related to public law.

  1. Case by Case Laws
  2. It is common for courts to decide on each case separately where no clear law applies for each possible variation of a particular incident. This often leaves individuals unsure about their legal position and unable to reconcile which law they fall under. Explore the various effects this method of law practice has on the general public and overall making of laws.

  3. The Making of Laws
  4. New law is often made when new cases arise in a courtroom. In life, similar situations often vary in key aspects which makes each situation vastly different. Court systems have adapted to making case by case laws for each unique situation, and these laws remain and are referenced by future courts that encounter a similar case. Explore the process that determines the validity of these rulings and their role in deciding future cases.

  5. Freedom of Speech
  6. Reporters often site the freedom of speech law to enable them to report on the private lives of individuals in light of public interest. Explore how far the law should or should not support this claim in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

  7. LGBT issues
  8. Homosexuals are quite common in society. Discuss how laws designed to protect their rights may or may not impact on other laws that protect freedom of religious expression.

  9. Domestic violence
  10. Discuss the possible ill effects that domestic violence ruling can have on the life of an individual. A court may state boundaries for an individual but cannot always be present in the person’s life. How effective are court rulings in cases of domestic violence?

  11. Children
  12. After a divorce the children are often a matter of dispute between parents. How qualified are courts to decide the fate of a child in these matters?

  13. Abortion
  14. Where anti abortion laws exists, should courts have the authority to make allowances for rape victims?

  15. Law officers
  16. Police officers often find themselves in critical situations where they are required to think and react quickly to save either their own life or that of a citizen. Mistakes are can be made and an officer is often faced with legal action for their actions in the line of duty. How effective is the present day law in finding and dealing with corrupt officers?


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