25 Great Topic Ideas for Your Psychology Dissertation

Psychology is such a wide field that if you are looking for 25 great topic ideas for your psychology dissertation, there should be plenty to entice your appetite. Your dissertation can take one of two forms, either focusing on appraising secondary data or gathering and analysing primary data. Either way, there are numerous topics to choose from.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology aims to study how children and adults change in the course of time. Some seven topics to consider include:

  • A quantitative study of how the eating behaviours and attitudes of children towards food are influenced by parents with eating disorders.
  • A qualitative study of father figures and the perceptions of male authority in pre-adolescent children of single mothers
  • A literature review of whether attachment theory can explain the development of a subjective self in a child
  • A quantitative study of whether identification of different learning styles among children can help to improve learning outcomes.
  • A literature review of the measures that can be applied to assist children with anxiety disorders perform better in school.
  • A qualitative study of whether the idea of reflective practice can be used to assist children in learning.

Abnormal Psychology and Mental Health

This field of psychology can also be a great source of 25 great topic ideas for your psychology dissertation. Some eight topic ideas to consider include:

  • A qualitative study on how conflicts over food during childhood affect problematic attitudes and behaviours to eating in adolescence suffering from anorexia?
  • A quantitative study of the impact of perceptions of social stigma on sufferer’s coping strategies
  • A randomized controlled study of whether meditation and yoga can be effective treatment options for obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • The relationship between self harm in adolescent girls and use of social networking sites: A qualitative study.
  • A literature review of the extent to which people with learning difficulties are likely to suffer from phobias
  • The relationship between diet and depression: A literature review.
  • A literature review on the linkage between children’s home routines and treatments for ADHD
  • A quantitative study on the impact of personality type on patient outcomes for hospitalization for mental disorders

Social Psychology

Social psychology can be a wonderful source of 25 great topic ideas for your psychology dissertation. Some six topics to consider include:

  • Conceptual models of civil unrest and riots: A critical analysis of recent riots in the U.S.
  • A quantitative study of the link between the use of social media and narcissism among high school students
  • Evaluating the shift in social attitudes toward mental illnesses through a study of TV and magazine advertising
  • What do reactions toward work uniforms reveal about people’s attitudes to control and authority: A qualitative study among bank, supermarket and council workers?
  • An ethnographic investigation of the range of gendered behaviours in fetish bars and clubs
  • A qualitative investigation of the perception of regular drivers toward other road users

Counselling and Therapy

Counselling and therapy can also be a good source of 25 great topic ideas for your psychology dissertation. Some four topics to consider include:

  • What is the place of Freudian psychoanalysis in the current health service? A qualitative study among US healthcare professionals
  • What is the impact of length of treatment on the outcomes for patients who are undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy? A quantitative analysis of adults
  • A quantitative study of the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy self-help techniques on pre-adolescent children
  • A literature review on how ideas about ecology contribute to counselling and therapy

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