A List Of Interesting Ideas For Dissertation Topics On Primary Education

If you're thinking about writing your dissertation on primary education, here are a few great ideas that can help to get you started. Make sure to include these as you research the type of thesis that you would like to turn in to help get you on the right track.


  • Consider writing about whether or not students are challenged enough in school and taught enough classes about entrepreneurship and various types of wealth management courses.
  • Another topic idea would be to write about whether or not standardized testing is something that should be continued in school or if it should be stopped altogether. What are the benefits?
  • Would it be beneficial for students to have separation in schools, as far as race relations, religion, or even to go back to wearing uniforms and having male students from one side of the school and female students on the other? What are the advantages of segregation?
  • As it relates to incidents of bullying, should schools segregate in terms of age groups where older students cannot interact with younger students. Does age disparity contribute to bullying?
  • Should all schools allow for free tutors to ensure that students who are lagging behind always have a mentor or peer to help them or does this help to promote bad behaviour and ways to cheat on homework?
  • Should students be allowed to carry cell phones and what is the actual benefit? Does it encourage them to have more security in school as they can send text messages to parents if they need to, or is this just a way that causes more distractions?
  • Are students matriculating more into business classes, or are they falling away from business fields and pursuing more blue collar areas?
  • Should colleges include free books for students that should be included in tuition instead of students having to pay $200 to $300 per book?
  • Should schools be affordable for everyone or at a flat rate fee where students can all be able to attend college whether or not they have the money? What are the advantages?

If you consider a few of these topics, this may lead to some debate. Which is what you want as you start to think what your research questions could potentially be for your dissertation. This can help to ensure that you have your research set up as you begin to prepare your paper.


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