What Do You Need To Know About Proper Dissertation Citation?

Not many people might know what a dissertation is, and it is basically a researched argumentative paper. A citation is the source or sources used to construct this paper. Now I dissertation citation is obviously a research paper citation. What else do you need to know about a proper dissertation citation? Good question. There are many things you should know before you start your dissertation before you can work on the dissertation citation.

  • Firstly, a dissertation depends on what degree the regular university student is taking. That ties into the topic the dissertation would be about. Secondly, you must know what is required for the dissertation. The following is the basic generic form of a dissertation: title pg., table of contents, Intro, findings, discussion, conclusion, Bib, and appendices. This is the generic form of a dissertation; it does not pertain to any degree subject.
  • Now that you understand what a dissertation is, we move on to its citation. For one, there are many citation formats, and you must know what format is needed in the dissertation citation. There are only four formats for dissertation citation, and they are: APA, MLA, Chicago and AAA. You cannot just choose one style of citation and use it on your dissertation. For instance, APA is used only for psychology papers. MLA is usually used for English papers and so on for the rest of the citations.
  • In order for a person to do a proper dissertation citation; their dissertation first off needs to be in the correct format. No one can simply change the format of a dissertation is the citations are third to last in the paper or whatever change they would like to make. Secondly, their citations must be correctly formatted, or it’s plagiarism. Also, they must always check their sources and if those exact sources are allowed to be used in their dissertation. Lastly, a person must use the correct citation style for the right dissertation. An APA style will not work for an English paper.
  • If anyone were in need of getting immediate help, it would be a good idea to check this website. It would also be a good idea to seek out help from the instructor. There are also many other sources that a person could use. For instance, the librarian will be able to help with citations. A student’s English teacher may also be able to help proofread the student’s paper. In order to properly do a dissertation citation, a student needs to know what is required, what is allowed and what format it should be in.

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