Where To Get A Quality Dissertation Layout Template: Basic Instructions

Okay, so it is that dreaded dissertation time. You have known it was coming for months and as the time has drawn closer you have been doing everything that you can think of to distract yourself and convince yourself that you weren’t going to have to succumb. In essence, you have been in dissertation denial.

Well, as with anything in life you cannot delay the inevitable. So, you are going to have to suck this up, knuckle down and get the job done. Before you start, getting your hands on a layout template wouldn’t be a bad idea. This will help focus your mind and ensure that you don’t stray too far from the beaten track.

However, before you start rushing out in search of one, remember you can’t just grab the first one that you find. Here’s how you go about getting a quality one:

  • In class
  • Chances are your lecturer has already discussed this in class. I would be very surprised if they don’t provide you with a layout template. It is, after all, in their interests that you get a good grade. If this hasn’t yet been covered, then don’t be afraid to shout up. It is perfectly logical that the person setting you this assignment should also be the one to provide assistance and support.

  • Google Scholar
  • Google Scholar has been around for over a decade, but you would be amazed at how many students overlook it. This is a FREE resource. Not only that, but just like the google search engines it is incredibly easy to find templates as well as actual papers on any topic that you could possibly dream of. Even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, the very fact that it is free and operated by a trusted provider should be enough of a reason to make you check it out.

  • Former students
  • Instead of throwing everything away, a lot of students store their old paperwork and provided that it is not too difficult to access most are usually more than willing to help out their fellow students. If you happen to live in a student area or have friends or acquaintances, then it is definitely worth asking around. As much as anything else you can be guaranteed that they will have studied an identical course to yourself.


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