Creating Dissertation Titles On Human Resource Management: Tips & Samples

If you are tasked with a dissertation one of the key things you will have to do is to create your title creating the title can prove very difficult if you don't know what you're doing but it does not have to be impossible.

The dissertation title is the first opportunity you have to inform your reader what your entire purpose is. With only a few words the title serves to highlight the purpose of your individual study and in some cases it can also include the context for your study, the outcomes associated with your study, and all other important aspects of which research strategy you chose to adopt. But if you poorly construct your title you run the risk of misleading your reader into thinking that the actual study you present is about something very different than what it really is.

  • Readers expect something from your title and you have to know what those expectations are and meet them. There are many rules you should think have when you're constructing your title. It should be descriptive and explanatory and it should never be general. It should be very precise and it should also be internally consistent. You should avoid using abbreviations, initials, or acronyms. You should also avoid a cute style.
  • Every word that you use carries meaning and because you have very few words available at your disposal you have to use descriptive and explanatory language. Your words should help explain either the purpose of the research, the theory which underpinned the research, the variables which were tested, the research design, the methodology, the context, or even the population that you study.
  • Being precise means that you select the fewest words possible to truly explain the nature of your work. For example you can say users of Facebook but with regard to using the fewest words it would be better for you to say Facebook users. Another example is that you could say something such as stress in the workplace but for the sake of the fewest words it would be best if you said workplace stress.
  • In addition to this you want to remain internally consistent. Make sure that your title is consistent with the actual research. Do not use language that leaves your reader to assume the rest of your dissertation is something completely different.
  • Once again, avoid any acronyms or initials or even abbreviations. These will have a different meaning to a different reader if they are outside the body of your dissertation.

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