Dissertation Ideas On Business That Will Impress Your Professors

Business is not one of the study areas where students are expected to find dissertation topics exactly interesting. However, since the business world is so broad and vast, there are numerous directions that you can take off in while searching for a topic. In order to give you a base to start from, here are some impressive business dissertation ideas to impress your professors, broken down into 6 popular sub-categories:

Leadership and Innovation

  • What key factors are required for an organization to be creative? What are the key barriers to implementing these factors and how can they be overcome?
  • What effect does team process and leadership style have on innovation and performance in teams that are functionally heterogeneous?
  • What are the personality and behavioral correlations of transformational and transactional leadership?

Human Resource Management ( International )

  • How are organizational cultures affected by national cultures? What is the impact that this has on business performance in various countries?
  • Perspective from a UK bidding firm: How does an acquisition announcement effect an organization's employees?
  • What are the main considerations which affect the retention of employees who work at international call centers?

Global Business Strategy

  • What are the key success factors and business strategies utilized by financial holding companies who operate in an international environment?
  • What are the benefits and risks of entering into an international joint venture?
  • What are the barriers to utilization of knowledge sharing in project teams globally: A case study of .....?

Global Politics and Business

  • How do varying patterns of government/ business relations affect industrial upgrading processes: A case study of economies trying to emerge?
  • What types of images and themes might be responsible for creating trans-cultural dissonance and resonance within an international lecture room that is comprised of diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities?
  • How does corporate governance affect performance, globalization, and internationalization of various different firms?

Technology and Innovation Management

  • How does branding provide a competitive advantage: A case study of the beverage industry?
  • What is the best conceptual business model for value addition and strategy?
  • What are the main issues concerning irresponsible borrowing and lending in (x country's) credit market for consumers?

Management of International Change

  • How power works through emotion management and its use in organizational change
  • How employees adjust during organizational change: What role does organizational occupation and level play?
  • Implementation and success of the manufacturing industry's use of product lifecycle management.

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