10 Ideas For Choosing Great Dissertation Topics On Sociology

These ideas will help you to strategize your dissertation better and come up with a sociology topic that is authentic and interesting. Your whole paper will rely on the topic you choose, so follow these guidelines and make your sociology dissertation is a great one.

  1. Dissect your textbooks
  2. Go through your textbooks and previous work projects and try to rework some of the angles you have covered. There may be something you have forgotten about that would make a great topic.

  3. Talk to an interesting person
  4. Speak to someone in a casual setting and pick up on body language signs and gestures. Ask the person questions about themselves and consider using some of their personality aspects as a topic element for your sociology dissertation.

  5. Watch a dysfunctional family sitcom
  6. Family sitcoms are always full of people’s silly little quirks and issues. This can make for some great material for your dissertation topic.

  7. Receive mentoring from the grave
  8. Study some of the late greats in sociology and use their theories as a starting point for your sociology dissertation. You can easily gain a lot of ground work from an expert and then expand on that basis with what modern research has taught us.

  9. Pick a character from a classic novel
  10. Classic novels are well written and characters are usually complex in nature. Choose a rich character and dig deep into his or her hypothetical personality. Use this information to come up with a sociology topic that’s full-bodied.

  11. Take an historic angle
  12. Look at sociology from an historic perspective and use what we know now to elaborate on early discoveries. An interesting part of this method is delving into the consequential results of what we used to think.

  13. Evaluate your own experiences
  14. Be your own test subject and evaluate some of the landmark events in your life. You are more complex than you think, so analyze yourself and pick a topic according to what you find.

  15. Read dissertation conclusions
  16. Great dissertations often end with interesting conclusions that suggest further study into certain unexplored aspects of the paper. Use these to come up with a great topic that continues to delve into what has already been said.

  17. Analyze a different culture
  18. Cultures are all different and each one comes with its own set of social nuances. Pick an interesting aspect of a culture and turn it into a topic.

  19. Disagree without being disagreeable
  20. Take a controversial subject and let your topic surround the issue. Let your reader know that you are delving into dangerous ground, but that you plan to be objective about your findings.

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