How To Use A Free MBA Dissertation Proposal Properly

Academic work never gets easy and writing an MBA dissertation is as scary as any paper at a lower level. The confusion is worsened by the knowledge that this is the most important paper that you will be required to write at that level. The rules appear confusing and the anxiety over whether you are doing the right thing or not is evident.

Free MBA dissertation proposals are available to guide you through the process. The proposal offers directions on how to ensure that the rules are followed and how to stick to the structure required by the supervisor. There are numerous things to be learnt from the proposal for implementation when writing.

  1. The structure
  2. With clear instructions from your supervisor, follow the structure in the proposal. This means placement of ideas in different sections, the appearance of the introduction, body and conclusion, citations, references and other academic details that go into writing an MBA dissertation.

  3. What it must contain
  4. There are key areas that must be included in any academic paper. The proposal gives you these basics and their order of appearance. They include the topic, thesis statement, data collection, literature review, foot notes, references and appendix, among others. These items are clearly indicated in the proposal and should appear when your paper is complete.

  5. Language and presentation
  6. There is a language for every field of study. The MBA dissertation proposal shows you how to present your ideas in this area so that they are clear and easily understood. Besides the language in your discipline, there is academic language that is acceptable. Presentation of ideas from one stage or chapter to the other is also exemplified in the proposal. It makes your work interesting and will most likely boost your overall performance.

  7. The appearance of your final MBA dissertation
  8. The proposal gives you an idea of how your work, once completed, will appear. This is important during construction of your thesis because you have a reference point at every stage. It gives you confidence that you are doing the right thing. You can identify areas that were skipped or others that were not properly done.

Using an MBA dissertation proposal should be done with caution. It is not an opportunity to replicate what is on the sample you are using. Consider unique instructions given by your supervisor or the faculty and implement them. This will guarantee original work that will not be penalized for plagiarism.


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