Useful Tips On How To Get A Quality Sample Of A Dissertation Proposal For Free

Before you get started on the main research portion of a dissertation, you must first submit a proposal for committee approval. Each department will have different requirements you must follow, but generally you can check a few samples to learn about all the little details you need to cover in order to avoid having to redo your work. Here are some useful tips on how to get a quality sample:

  • Your Department’s Main Site
  • Since it will be committee members from your department that will be making the final approval on your proposal, it only makes sense that you check your department for any available samples. If none are available on the website for download then head down to the office and see if you can pick up a hard copy. Even an edited or shortened form will be an excellent reference copy.

  • General Academic Site
  • You should also consider what other universities around the country require from their students. By downloading and comparing a few proposal examples you should get a general idea of what is expected from you. If you are still confused about what needs to be included, you can take your examples to your advisor for some direct assistance. He or she should be able to clear up any confusion.

  • Dissertation Preparation Guides
  • Every graduate student should own a citation or style guide. And when one is first starting out writing a new project like a dissertation, a separate guide focusing on just this type of work is highly recommended. You should be able to find a copy for quick reference at the library but it’s better to get one of your own since you will likely be referring to it daily for several months.

  • Other Graduate Students
  • Graduate students will usually be getting started on their project on or about the same time. So it makes sense to use one another and work closely to get the proper formatting and requirements of a proposal down perfectly. Universities encourage collaborative work and this is one of those occasions you shouldn’t pass up.

  • Reviewing Academic Research Journals
  • Lastly, one should simply pay a visit to his or her university library to review some of the academic research journals. These won’t have proposal samples but they will offer a lot of useful information regarding proper citation and potential resources for your research. Reviewing a few articles will give you a head start on the process and may even save you a lot research time down the line.

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