Instructions To Follow If You Need A Nursing Dissertation Abstract Example

During the nursing course, it is evident that you must have acquired practical skills. As much of hands-on training is essential for a field as this, it is important to complete the course following with dissertation assigned by many institutes. You can check out few nursing paper samples to understand what constitutes a good research paper.

The foremost rule in attaining success for your nursing dissertation is having a relevant abstract. An abstract must be self contained, precise and specifically explain the reason as to why you chose the study. Besides, it must lay down the problem statement, methodology, rules and the conclusion too. In short, it must summarize the total content of the research work.

Here are some rules for going about an abstract:

  • A form of standalone text
  • Abstracts along with the thesis title must explain in a very clear manner about the research presentation. Even when you have not supplied the entire paper, it must be able to explain to the readers what it is all about.

  • Keep a note of the size
  • The maximum sizes for abstracts should not exceed 300-350 words. Masters’ Thesis must be within the range of 150-200 words wile doctoral theses should not exceed 350 words. Since abstracts mirror the total structure of the thesis, take into consideration that introductions, literature review, methodology, results and conclusion must contain one or more sentences for summarizing the chapters well.

  • Check for examples
  • The best way to proceed with any paper work is by checking samples of others. Good research papers will have precise and strong abstracts that can be referred to for better results. Most institutes have an archive of previous samples that can be of immense help to nursing students.

  • Specify research questions
  • Research questions in the abstract must have coherence and logic. Right at the beginning of any abstract, the major research questions usually offer the reader an idea about where the thesis is heading. In certain cases, restructuring is required, which must be done accordingly.

  • Presenting exact results
  • If questions about the paper form the first part of eth abstract, the ending should have a brief interpretation of results. The idea is to give the readers a backdrop of the work done, but not reveal it in totality.

Preparing an abstract is a skillful job. It is better to consult experts regardless of the experience you gathered in your nursing course.


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