Choosing Winning Dissertation Topics: 4 Useful Tips

If you are tasked with writing your dissertation and you're trying to choose winning dissertation topics below are for useful tips for selecting a great topic:

  1. The person you should do when selecting a topic is to set outdo brainstorm. Start by reviewing the textbooks which you haven't sold back to your store yet and see what information you covered in previous classes. Remember that the dissertation is something which should build upon your previous work. It is something which should build upon all of the different classes that you have covered in the past and all of the different subjects that you have learned about pertaining to your field. The best topics are those which are founded in this knowledge. You may have covered something two years ago in your study but it could still be interesting and relevant today. So take some time to look over your class notes and lectures and perhaps even review all of the papers that you submitted previously to see what they have to offer.
  2. You want to take time to brainstorm those things which are most important to you. Consider all the things that you argue about with your friends and family. What are the hot button issues for you personally? What drove you to select this field of study? Think back to your key interests, the foundations or your passion in this field. Items like these make for great dissertation topics. The more passionate you are about the topic the better off you will be because you will be stuck with this topic for an extensive period of time and you will get to know every single aspect of it. The more you know, the more difficult it will be to keep your head down and keep working hard. But if you enjoyed the topic this will seem significantly less burdensome.
  3. Look over recently published journals related to your field these might contain something unique, something which is considered a breakthrough in the area and might spark something of interest for you. If you read about a new way to counter the effects of global warming, with regard to the infestation of mosquitoes moving across the southern states, you might be interested in the genetically modified mosquitoes and what that means to cloning of animals in general.
  4. Finally, look over previous dissertations in your field. See what other students have come up with and what areas of research are still open for investigation.

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