3 Places Where You Can Find A Sample APA Dissertation 

If you are struggling to write an APA dissertation, you might benefit greatly by reviewing a sample. A sample APA dissertation is something that you can use as a sort of template. Having this template nearby will enable you to review what is expected of you, what other students have written, and how to properly format your paper. The APA format is set forth by the American Psychological Association. This professional organization created the format so that there would be a universal way to prepare and submit papers, and an equally universal way to catalogue all submissions. By following the rules and regulations of this format you can better prepare your final dissertation for proper cataloguing and publication.

So where can you find a sample and put it to use?

  1. The first place you should turn is your advisor. Ask your advisor or your review committee for assistance. They are there to lend a hand and if anyone knows where samples are located, it would be them. They have likely been affiliated with your academic institution for a long period of time and have had plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the layout of the school website and the school library where the dissertation publications may be stored. You want to try and get a sample from them if you can, because they will be the ones responsible for determining whether you graduate or not and whether your final submission is approved. You want to therefore get a sample that has been previously approved by the same committee who will approve yours (hopefully) in the end. This will ensure you have a template that you can trust.
  2. If they cannot help you find an example, you can turn to the school library yourself and ask for assistance from the librarian. Ask the school librarian to lend a hand searching either on the library database or in the stacks for a copy. If there are only electronic copies, make a copy and email a copy to yourself if possible so that you have a backup in case you lose or misplace your printed copy.
  3. If your institution does not have any, or you cannot find them, turn to a nearby institution. Look on their school websites and see if you can find a database where previous copies are stored. You should have no difficulty at all.

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