Great Advice on How to Find a Sample Proposal for a Dissertation

To write a good dissertation proposal of your own, you will need to study similar papers written by others. These examples will be more helpful than any guidebook as they actually show you how the rules of writing are applied in real life.

The higher is the quality of the samples you study, the more useful things you will be able to learn from them. It’s best to go through different kinds of proposals to assess various writing styles and methods used by authors to attract the readers’ attention to the project.

Here are a few tips that will help you find examples like this:

Talk to your trusted professors.

If there are some professors you trust and respect, you can ask them for help. In many cases, educators are able to develop a collection of various exceptional papers over the years. Therefore, you can be sure that any sample you receive from a professor is sure to be of the highest quality.

You should also use this opportunity to ask for some pointers on how to create a good proposal.

Search some online paper databases.

The websites that offer dissertations for download usually provide proposals as well. The most important thing for you is to find a reliable database with a wide selection of high quality papers.

Look through some online forums and social media to find reviews of different sources in order to pick the best one for you.

Go to the library.

Your university library can provide you with the samples of both dissertations and proposals. If you talk to librarians, they are sure to offer some helpful guidebooks on writing this kind of papers. In many cases, these books include plenty of good examples.

Regardless of where you get the samples from, you mustn’t forget that your own work must be original and interesting. It can be difficult not to get influenced by some good examples, but you need to make sure that your style is unique and fits your topic perfectly.

A proposal should “sell” your dissertation. Therefore, it must provide detailed information on your future research and the goals you aim to achieve. The examples should give you some ideas on the most efficient ways to present this information, but you have to consider the peculiarities of your topic. In some cases, the same tricks can have opposite effects on the result, so you should focus on studying the samples with topics that are at least somewhat similar to yours.


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