Coming Up With Great Dissertation Topics In Accounting And Finance

The field of accounting and finance provides a great deal of topics that would make for really good dissertations. One of the keys in completing this kind of project and having your work approved when getting your PhD is writing on something that is unique and interesting. Not only will a graduate advisory board appreciate original work more but it a good topic will also keep a student more invested in his or her work throughout the year. Sometimes this is harder than one first expects, so we’ve great this list of good topics to consider or inspire creativity:

  1. The Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Management of Asset Liability in Commercial Banking.
  2. Understanding the Approaches of Stress Testing when Commercial Banks Evaluate Credit Risk of its Customers.
  3. The Public Sector and How Sustainability Reporting Works in Global Banking.
  4. A Discussion of the Implementation of Relationship Banking and its Evolution through the Years.
  5. Attitudes and Perceptions of Emerging Markets Investment by US Citizens.
  6. Discussing the Potential Impact of Direct Investment in Emerging Economies like India and China.
  7. A Case Study of Financial Institutions, Including Discussions on Growth, Turnover, Liquidity and Risk.
  8. Discussing the Perceived Development of Internet Banking in the U.S. versus that of the World.
  9. Understanding How Social Security in the U.S. Has Contradictory Responsibilities.
  10. How Ethics No Longer Receive Enough Attention in Accounting and Finance Education.
  11. Financial Investment in Artificial Technologies and the Questions of Ethics in the Field.
  12. A Case Study of the Financial and Economic Implications of Online Banking.
  13. Investing in the Private Medical Market and How Global Health Concerns Can Be Addressed through Higher Profits.
  14. What the New Ethical Issues Are In the U.S. and Global Banking Industries.
  15. A Discussion of How the Mutual and Index Funds Are Becoming Investments of Choice.
  16. Understanding How Partnerships between the Private and Public Sectors Are Important to a Country’s Financial Stability.
  17. The Impact of Micro-financing in Developing Countries and How Developed Economies Play a Role in Outcomes.
  18. A Discussion of How Access to Credit by Poor Populations Will Negatively or Positively Affect a Nation’s Growth.
  19. A Comparative Study of Financial Innovation in Asia and the Americas and What It Means to Be a Developed Economy.
  20. An Understanding of Constraints that Exist in Micro-financing Markets in the U.S., U.K., and China.

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