Free Dissertation Topics In Banking And Finance: 20 Powerful Ideas

Your dissertation will likely be one of the most complex and time-consuming papers that you will be asked to write. It is designed to test your overall knowledge on your major while also aiming to ad knowledge to the industry. You will be asked to conduct a research study on a topic relating to the banking and finance industry. It should be on a unique topic that has not previously been studied.

You will be asked to submit a proposal for your topic prior to getting the go ahead to complete your study. To expedite the procedure, you will want to make sure that you write about a topic that is relevant to the industry and specific enough to analyze. Here are twenty great topics that you can write your paper on. Choose one of these topics or use this list to brainstorm your own ideas.


  • American Express Pay with Points: Implementation in India
  • Axis Bank: Effects of lowering deposit rates to a quarter for every dollar
  • Indian Rupee: Comparison to the US dollar
  • Airline financing effect of copilot causing the crash of Airbus A320
  • Exim Bank: Use of green bonds to fund green projects in Sri Lanka
  • Reserve Bank of India: analysis of the effects of higher government borrowing
  • International hacking: cyber crimes
  • Big Four Banks soaring profits: mortgage gouging
  • How can Australia dodge another global financial crisis?
  • JP Morgan's criminal charges: effects on existing financial loans
  • Australia's bank-switching scheme: reasons for its demise
  • Women in the financial services industry: how they are gaining their foot hold
  • Social Media: effects on the financial services realm
  • Falling stock of American Express: Cause and effects
  • How PayPal can succeed in a world of mobile payments
  • Ocwen's mortgage-servicing portfolio sale to rival Nationstar: possible NYSE delisting
  • Possible effects of the passing of the Cyber Threat Information Sharing bill
  • Effects of embracing "Cloud Containers" in digital packages
  • Technological advances effects on Bank of America
  • Banking regulations: effects of private company loans

When you choose a topic, the next step is to create an outline. That will help you organize your information and make the paper easier to write. It will help you set your paper up the right way and make sure that you stay on topic. It can also help if you get an example paper to use as a guide. Make sure that you choose one in the right format.


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