Free Dissertation Help: How to Complete Your Paper in Time

There is nothing superhuman in completing a dissertation on time. All you need to accomplish this is careful planning and strong motivation throughout the process.

Find out the exact requirements for your thesis, and follow them.

Although pretty obvious, this point is not always given due regard by students and even their supervisors. Many of them presume things without saying or checking. For example, one supervisor told a PhD student that his dissertation was to be about 300 pages long. The student wrote 300 single-spaced pages. His supervisor was astonished and said it had to be 300 double-spaced pages. The student had to cut the paper by 40,000 words in two weeks left. Only when you know exactly how long your thesis has to be and what parts it should include, can you plan your time accordingly.

Write the introduction last.

It is easier to get stuck with your introduction than with any other part. If you are confused about what to begin with, just skip it and get to the body of your dissertation. Come back to the introduction after – or right before – you write the conclusion. Completing these two parts at the same time, instead of putting months between, you will find it much easier to tie them together.

Use automatic time planners.

Start using a project management tool to pin your dissertation tasks, ideas, and deadlines. Many of these programs are free and available as smartphone apps. As you have all things-to-be-done listed, you can be sure you would not forget anything, and concentrate on a single task at a time. In addition, it is motivating to move things into “Done” column.

Get feedback on the whole thesis.

Receiving feedback on individual chapters is good but not quite enough. To see how well all parts fit together, you need your supervisor’s feedback on the whole dissertation. When asked to evaluate your progress, he or she might give an evasive answer like: “You’re barely there.” Ask how far exactly you are: a three months’, a six months’ or just a month’s work? You need to know when it will end.

Find supporters.

Writing a dissertation is a lengthy and exhausting process, and support from your family and friends is important. Find a person with whom you can share your milestones, problems, and achievements. He or she can encourage you not to give up, and also give a second opinion on whether your planning is realistic and goals achievable.

Do not crave for perfection.

Remember that you dissertation is not the crown of your academic career; in fact, it is just a beginning. It does not need to be perfect; it just needs to be good enough.


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