Writing A Doctoral Dissertation In Economics: 8 Basic Points

A dissertation is one of the most important projects that you will have to complete during your college years. It can really make the difference in your grades, and that is why you have to put a lot of effort into it. Even if you think that it’s easy, only because you like the subject, it’s not like this. You need to edit a big volume of information, to put it on a good structure and to watch out for the compositional elements. All this can be confusing for some students, so here are some points that you should follow:

  1. Take your time in choosing the topic. It needs to be something interesting, not something common that you already studied. In this way you will gain new information, and you can prove to your teachers that you are dedicated to your study.
  2. Create an outline. Before writing the paper itself, you have to decide what important ideas you will use. For this, you have to build an outline and establish the number of chapters, and what information you will introduce in each one.
  3. Start writing. The first time you write your dissertation, don’t think about grammar or punctuation. You will have plenty of time to worry about this later. For now, you have to put down your own ideas, in rough form.
  4. Use official statistics. This is suitable for a dissertation, and you can count on official sources to provide you with exact data. Go for governmental websites or books that are written by professors.
  5. Be creative. When you write for your economics point, you don’t have to consider only the economic theory. You can also discuss the moral aspects of different issues and how these can influence the public. If you can, provide solutions for problems that are exposed in your essay.
  6. Use quotations and references. This proves that you made enough research, and that the information that you introduced in your text is trustworthy.
  7. Ask for feedback. Ask your colleagues or teacher to read your dissertation and to suggest any change or editing. In this way, you can be sure that you have no error in your paper before working on the final piece.
  8. Proofread it. Now you can search for grammar and punctuation mistakes, you can adjust the structure or the language.

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