A List Of Original Dissertation Topics On Medical Law

Medical law is becoming increasingly more important in a time where healthcare has taken center stage as a social issue. In many ways it is in a process of being defined, and the student can provide highly usable information based on dissertation research. It will be essential for the individual to find a topical area that is unique and there is a scarcity of current information. There are any number of topics that can be thought about, while preparing for the research.

  • Does a Terminally Ill Welfare Recipient Have a Right to His or Her Organs? This may explore degree of ownership given that the patient is receiving public money.
  • Has Abortion Become a Failed Policy? Medicine and healthcare have advanced significantly since the Roe V. Wade decision. Is it legally permissible to terminate a late-term fetus, knowing that it can survive outside of the uterus?
  • Assisted Suicide and the Definition of Murder. Assisted suicide is becoming more frequent, but at what point does it become a felony?
  • Is Forced Sterilization Legally Acceptable? There are arguments that claim welfare recipients should have their families restricted to only two or three children. Is that legally permissible, given that they are receiving public money?
  • Is a Patient/Doctor Relationship Immune from Subpoenas? Should doctors be able to claim this confidentiality is being exempt from any legal inquiry?

All of these possible topics being considered, it is important that a student look at the feasibility of the research to be conducted. There has to be sufficient means to explore the questions. Moreover, even though the topic has to be original. There has to be sufficient evidence of some research to justify literature review. It may be that the student will look at a nuance of one of the above topics to define the dissertation. It is clear that settling on a topic is something that is going to require a little bit of serious thought.

That is certainly part of the process. It would be ludicrous for anyone to think that years of research and study would generate a topic at the spur of the moment. A student ordinarily builds up towards that ultimate dissertation topic, guided by his or her advisor. Selecting the topic is all part of the learning process that makes this particular project so important. Elaborating on an original idea. Both enriches the individual’s knowledge set and increases the body of information available to the field.


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