Free Writing Ideas: 10 Accounting Dissertation Topics To Consider

Choosing your dissertation topic is the very first challenge you face on your long way to getting your degree. This research will define your future career, whether in the educational or working spheres. So, when choosing a theme for your thesis, remember these simple rules: you should be passionate about the subject, your supervisor should consider your topic worthy, and you should actually be able to find enough information on it. Here is a list of 10 high-quality topics for your accounting dissertation to inspire you and give you some ideas to think about:

  1. The “green” accounting policy in U.S. universities: a success or a failure?
  2. This approach to accounting means that all facilities keep track of the money they spend on making their business environment-friendly. Conduct a research on whether modern universities include that information in their financial accounts, and how that can modify the cost of education.

  3. Is intellectual capital often concealed in the financial statements of today’s biggest companies?
  4. IC is the sum of all the skills the employees of the organization posses. Can it be evaluated and monetized when selling or buying a company? Analyze any three large companies.

  5. International ethics and accounting standards.
  6. How is the approach to accounting different in various countries?

  7. Business growth patterns: an analysis from a Z-score perspective.
  8. Choose up to three companies that have rapidly grown over the past 5 years, and define their progress models.

  9. Ways of accounting in different countries: a comparative study.
  10. Can the methods used in accounting be influenced by someone or something from outside the economy industry? How is it done across the globe? Are there any international accounting standards?

  11. A review on nonprofit accounting.
  12. How is this type different from a pro-profit pattern? Which companies use nonprofit accounting? What do they rely on, and what is the source of their incomes?

  13. Can auditors’ opinions scare clients away?
  14. Conduct a research on the role of professional opinions in a company’s image.

  15. Mortgage-backed securities market: the danger it faces nowadays.
  16. Study this subject from the world financial crisis perspective. Is there any future for this industry?

  17. Audit services in India and Saudi Arabia: which one is more important and effective? Compare the roles of such committees in the two developing countries mentioned in the title.
  18. Crediting and financial crisis of 2008.
  19. What made the worldwide crisis a reality? How can crediting kill countries’ economies? If we stop it, will the crisis disappear as well?


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