Best Ways To Conduct Research For Your Dissertation

The pressures associated with completing a dissertation are common to most students. Even when sufficient assistance is available at hand, going through the entire process can be quite jittery. After all, considerable time and energy needs to be invested when planning and putting the thesis into action. In other words, conducting research for the dissertation is vital to the understanding of the project’s significance. But this is no single job that can be accomplished in a jiffy.

Doing the research

It completely depends upon the research question as to how a student will proceed with the dissertation. But before that, the following questions must be answered:

  • What is the purpose of the research?
  • What and how the topic was selected?
  • What aims and objectives govern the research study?
  • Where lies the scope of the research work?
  • What about the limitations of the study?

After arriving at possible answers to the above-mentioned queries, students should decide between a primary and secondary research. While the former involves conducting one’s own experiments and surveys, the latter collates findings from other’s research and produces a remodeled work. However, there’s no harm combining both.

Undertaking the Literature Review

Once the planning stage is over, the research question has been developed and a research proposal has also been written, there’s a requirement to review materials that has been published earlier in relation to the topic. You are encouraged to use this company to gain further insight.

The literature review must include relevant information pertaining to the dissertation, updated material, recent trends in the topic’s discussion, organize the findings, look for loopholes and gaps in the literature, if they exist at all and finally assimilate all that has been read and written. Students can refer to printed material, electronic journals in the library, and bibliographies of key texts relating to the topic and internet search engines having advanced search features.

Working out the methodology

Depending upon the type of research conducted, students must select the ideal methodology or process of collecting data. While qualitative research like semi-structured interviews are preferred by many, quantitative data collection and case studies are more practical options. The very method employed and the problems encountered are factors having an impact on the research to a great extent.

Reporting the results and analyzing

The process of research and writing must progress simultaneously. Often additional evaluation is required at the time of forming the write-up. It is an intimidating process no doubt when it comes to assimilating the data and paraphrasing the results, but the supervisor can always be consulted if any additional work is needed. Also, there must be scope for further work and debate.

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