How To Come Up With Good Qualitative Dissertation Ideas

A qualitative paper is one that uses unique research. This style of research focuses on observations from participants, focus-style groups, of free form interviews, and simply watching. It is a different approach to the gathering and the presenting of the research than other methods. The standard tools are research from case studies, autoethnographies, grounded gathering of research, enthnographies, or narrative gathering of studies. The studies usually come from small sample sizes. Some ideas might be:

  • The impact of electronic learning-pick a pro or con stance
  • The benefits and negative of charter schools-you will need to talk to the students there
  • Culture and education-be very specific with this
  • Color and impacts-do certain colors evoke certain feelings
  • Bullying and long-term consequences-you will have to study bullies
  • Starting pre-school early and how effective it is-good for education majors
  • Reading early impacts
  • Does required community service impart lasting characteristic of giving-also great for future teachers
  • The impact on a loss of a twin to the other twin-you need to find twins who have lost one, this may be hard
  • Violent crimes and repercussions for the victims-you can specify the crime
  • Homeschooling and does it make a better student-determine what better means
  • Video games and violence-how much is too much
  • Gardening and relaxation-does it work
  • Cooking and methods of calming the stressed-can the cooking calm the stresses
  • Kids and crayons-are they therapeutic

You may select a topic idea that concentrates on how one person or many people feel about an event, condition, behavior, or action. You can collect data through small studies and then explore how they feel about the people feel about what occurred. You will need to concentrate on the area that most intrigues you.

Your methods are quite objective, not straightforward numbers, data, facts, or statistics. This style of dissertation is used mostly in education, the humanities, the social sciences, and such. The majority of the research is gathered from interviews and observations. You will have to conduct some of these observations, case studies, surveys, and interviews, so keep that in mind when you decide on the best topic for you.

When you go about picking your qualitative dissertation topic, consider all of the suggestions we have given you. Also think about the method of researching and whether you can actually do this. You will have to get this topic approved, so select carefully.


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