The Top 20 Potential Dissertation Topics On Marketing

A dissertation is designed to add to the resources for the field. They should focus on a specific goal. Your dissertation will be more successful if you are able to come up with a great topic. It is really a very important part of the process. It will help you determine what direction you want to take. Here are some topics to think about when you are choosing your topic. Some people will choose to use these topics and others will use this list to get ideas. Either way it is effective and legitimate.

  • How can some companies offer much better prices than other companies?
  • Why should a company use loyalty schemes?
  • Does the quality of the goods being produced effect how loyal a customer is?
  • Are there ways to cope with customers shopping at multiple stores?
  • There are some products that are interchangeable. What can a company do to prevent customers from choosing these goods?
  • What are the differences in how people respond to long term offers compared to how they respond to shorter offers?
  • Do toll free numbers have an effect on how the customer feels about a company?
  • Can the accents of the salesman make a difference on the sale?
  • How is brand identity impacted by language?
  • How can a marketer deal with people in different cultures?
  • What are some ethical behaviors that are scrutinized the most in business?
  • How can marketing keep up with new technologies?
  • What are the best ways to market electronics to people in India?
  • What are the best ways to market new technology in Africa?
  • What are the best retention strategies?
  • How important is branding when making marketing decisions?
  • How does E-marketing differ from marketing?
  • What are the main difference in pricing for online goods and offline goods?
  • How does the ability to customize products effect its sale?
  • How do you build your brand in a digital market?
  • Now that you have your topic, start working on your proposal so that you can get it approved and get the paper started. It is a long one so the faster you get the proposal approved, the faster you can get working on the actual paper. Be sure to choose an interesting topic because you will be working with it for a very long time.


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