Tried And True Techniques For Writing A Dissertation Introduction

Writing your dissertation is a daunting process in itself but what happens when you reach your first hurdle: the introduction and you can’t even put pen to paper? Below are some quick tips on what to write in the introduction of your paper.

  1. Tell your reader your topic. Why not start with what your paper is about? Tell your reader what you will write about and what the key issues or areas of research are for your paper. Not only this but you can tell them your thoughts on the subject and develop the reasons why further down the line.
  2. Tell them how you are going to conduct your study. Outline the approach you have taken to conduct the key investigations in your paper. Tell your audience what make you think the way you do and tell them your methods.
  3. Talk about your aims and objectives. What are you trying to achieve in this paper? What is the reason for your time and effort? Include all the questions you asked and answered in your study, state them clearly for your reader to understand the reasoning you had when writing.
  4. Use sub-headings throughout. This may seem strange as it is just an introduction, but the intro to your dissertation is just as important as any part of your paper and will most likely be at least one A4 page. Breaking up this section into subheadings could really help you write more smoothly and lucidly.
  5. Use the correct terminology. Remember your paper is of academic nature and, therefore, the vocabulary you choose to use will reflect this. It is important you use the vocabulary expected by your tutors or professor.
  6. Read the guidelines set by your institution. You will be given guidelines to adhere to . Therefore, it is important you do as this could cost you points. Not only will your institution have expectations but tutors often have their own requirements. If you are struggling with this why not seek advice from your professor.

The best way to start writing your dissertation is by picking up your pen and paper or laptop and writing. You can edit later. Getting the main idea of your paper down and outlining the essay itself and the topic you are going to be investigating can really get rid of that writer's block.

Whatever you do make sure you do not skimp on the introduction and just assume it is not as important as other parts. Remember, the introduction is where the reader starts. Making a good impression from the beginning can keep your reader or the person marking your paper engaged.

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