Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Dissertation Prospectus

Students in their final year of doctoral studies are required to present their examiners with a dissertation prospectus, after which they may be advised to revise the paper or receive full approval. The purpose of this process is to allow students a chance to propose their plans of research to their advisers, allowing them to receive vital advice and assistance if necessary.

Before writing a prospectus, there are several things that a student should possess and all of these can be acquired with a little dedication to the task. The following list will provide you with a basic guide to help you create a well though out prospectus for your dissertation:

  1. Thesis statement
  2. This is standard in any paper and you must clearly state your thesis in your prospectus. This will give your examiners the opportunity to consider the implications and reasons for you thesis, from which they will decide upon the relevance of your chosen course of research.

  3. How you intend to acquire you data
  4. Data acquisition is crucial to any dissertation venture and as such, it presents many opportunities to go wrong, one must be very careful when gathering data to prevent any discredit later on and this can be done quite easily. Read some published works of others in your field, this will inform you of the methods used by them during their ventures and provide you with a solid guideline for designing your own research methods.

  5. Reasons for conducting this study
  6. One cannot simply write a paper on a topic that is of little or no significance, just for the fun of it. Research activities can be expensive and most require significant funding to be successful. Every attempt must have a reason and a purpose behind it, you must show these to your examiners in your prospectus.

  7. Time required
  8. The time taken to complete your dissertation also play a part in its practicality and cost and you must demonstrate that you have a working knowledge of the time required to complete your paper. Your examiners will be able to determine your understanding of the subject, as well as your own capabilities based on your set time period.

  9. A little about yourself
  10. Finally, you must include a small biography, describing yourself to the examiners. Try to impress upon them your successes and accomplishments, venturing to give information that will demonstrate your abilities as a scholar.

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