Where Can I Get a Good Thesis Dedication Sample?

The thesis dedication is a place in where you can provide a brief but kind regards to the person or people who have been helpful in your academic journey leading up this project. The people you dedicate the work to can be colleagues or family members, educators or research assistants, and even the institution or organization which has influenced you the most. A lot of students don’t really know how to go about composing a good thesis dedication because it’s often the first time they have ever been asked to write one. For these students, it’s a good idea to find a good sample to use as a guide. Here are some good places to get your hands on a well-written sample:

Buy One from a Professional Academic Writing Agency

If you’ve ever search for example papers online then you probably already know about the growing professional academic writing industry. There are dozens of really good and entirely trustworthy agencies out there, but you do have to do a little digging to make sure the one you hire won’t rip off your hard earned money.

Have a Freelance Writer Create a Dedication from Scratch

A cost effective way of getting example pieces written entirely from scratch is to find and hire a qualified academic freelance writer to take on your project. Post details about your project on a freelancing website and invite experts to bid. Review bids and expert profiles to select the person who you feel is the best fit for your project. Don’t simply consider price when you make a selection, sometimes a combination of experience at the best value is the best option.

Review Samples from Archived Dissertations at the Library

Visit the university library and ask the reference librarian to point you to the thousands of archived dissertations kept in the university’s collection. Every graduate project that has been completed and approved at the institution will be added to the permanent collection, so check out a few and use them as examples.

Post a Request in an Online Academic Community Space

Lastly, don’t forget that you can get really good samples on just about any type of assignment by posting a request in an online academic community space. Be sure to mention that you only intend to use the example to help with your own composition. This will assure community members that you don’t intend on simply copying the dedication and trying to pass if off as your own.


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