The Best Way To Buy Thesis Without Falling Victim To Fraudsters

Completing a brilliant thesis is an almost impossible task if you also have to focus on other assignments. However, you how important this is and you don’t want to make any mistake that will compromise your education. You heard about students who buy the thesis from the Internet, but you are not sure if this is safe. What if you will be scammed? Well, here is what you have to do to avoid fraudsters:

  • Don’t believe anything until you verify it. Let’s say that you found a writer who wants to sell you a composition, saying that it belongs to him and even offering some samples for you to see. Can you really know if he wrote this text? Yes! All you have to do is to use a free software that will tell you if this content exists anywhere else on the Internet. In this way, you will not pay for something that you can get for free.
  • Don’t make any upfront payments. If you search for a thesis writing company you will notice that all the famous ones ask you to deliver the payment only after they completed their work. In this way you don’t risk to be scammed by someone who will refuse to deliver the paper after that, or he will deliver something that is not matching with your needs. In the worst case, you can send half of the money in the beginning, and the other half after you verified the content.
  • Take a look at the feedback that the writer received. It does not matter if you found this person on a freelance website or on social media; he needs to have a section where his previous clients can leave feedback. If you take a look there and you don’t seem to find anything, or all the feedbacks are positive, something might be wrong. There are some writers to post fake comments on their profile just to attract more people. See what feeling you get and act accordingly.
  • Verify the grammar and the punctuation before paying. It is ridiculous to pay a big amount of money of a composition full of grammar errors. If something like this happens to you, tell the writer that you will not release the funds until he corrects the entire thing. If he refuses, it’s better to search for someone else.

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