27 Brilliant Ideas For A Dissertation On Animal Behavior

Dissertation is a research paper work done by the students which is to be submitted at the end of the semester. This thesis paper acts as a milestone in the career of the students since through this; the students acquire the knowledge of researching something. The students, i.e. you can gain that much of power to write a thesis paper if you are interested to pursue PhD degree afterwards. You have to present your paper in such a way, that the readers should feel curious to read it.

So for that purpose, at first you have to choose an intriguing topic to captivate the readers. So all you need to know about writing on animal behavior is, the topics chosen by you should possess that quality, because of which the readers allurement would get increased.

Here are some examples of dissertation ideas, which you can opt for:

  1. The behavioral role of the reef cleaner fishes in Indonesia. Write about the function of those fishes in the ecosystem.
  2. The study of the behavior of the large elephants in South Africa.
  3. Malagasy giant Hognose snake’s spatial behavioral ecology.
  4. Behavioral ecology of the nocturnal lemurs in the North Westerns Madagascar’s dry deciduous forests.
  5. Nesting site preferences of the sea turtles.
  6. Sex differences and grouping patters of the spider monkeys.
  7. Mating behavior of Rhesus monkeys.
  8. Social aspects of Zebra fish behavior.
  9. Bed- bug behavior.
  10. How can a horse be trained? What are the behavioral aspects of the horse while its training?
  11. Ethology of a tiger during the hunting session.
  12. Does the behavior of the carnivores’ animals’ changes when they get injured?
  13. The reason behind the lightning of the fireflies at night.
  14. Dogs are known to be the most loyal pet friend of the human beings.
  15. What change in the behavior of the dog can be seen if his master shifts his lookout towards his dear ones rather than spending time with his pet?
  16. Behavior of the small aquarium fishes when they give birth in the aquarium.
  17. What is the difference between the attitude of a caged bird and a bird that lives a free life?
  18. Behavior of the small ants in the rainy season.
  19. Behavior of a shark towards the other animals.
  20. Dolphin as a friend of a mankind.
  21. Mating of snakes.
  22. Difference between the attitude of a tiger and cheetah.
  23. Elephants can be kept as a pet.
  24. Caged birds cannot lead a free life and depends on their masters.
  25. Behavior of the frogs during rain.
  26. Is there any chance of risks in the animals used in the circus?
  27. Effect of the behavior of the animals over entire ecosystem.

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